About Us

Welcome to Faithful Minis.
 The home of Peabody, Petunia and friends.
Our  Mission
We train mini horses for Therapy , Mobility, Service and Love!
Faithfulminis started over a decade ago with purchase of our first mini Sky.
Horses can be human healers and as we visit Alzheimer and veterans, we see the miracles time and time again.
The impact and joy these tiny horses bring are so gratifying, not just to the patients and staff but to all who followed us.
 People asked how they could acquire a miniature therapy horse so they too could go visit facilities and pay the love and support forward.
We have since met hundreds of caring clients with the goal of providing support where traditional counseling and therapy did not work and now we are proud to say our horses are 
#1 IN THE NATION for Therapy and Certification.
We have seen many miracles in our work, and we understand that there is so much more to come.
Peabody's Beautiful Story
I acquired Peabody when he was three days old, and with lots of love and care we witnessed him thrive.
This little boy was a warrior, and we invite you into his world.
We have so much we need to do to help the minis, and Peabody led the parade. 
He became a worldwide sensation  in
New Zealand,
the list goes on and on.
There was something very special about this little fella.
I am convinced that he was saved from being put down (as was suggested by the vet )
so he could bring a smile to the face of so many.
Peabody was the smallest horse in the world standing at 16 1/2"  tall. 
Peabody’s birthday is May 7, 2021
He was born with crippled legs, a badly aligned jaw, completely deaf and with dwarfism.
We were told the best thing to do would be to put him down as he was unlikely to survive more than a few days.
You would surely disagree with the prognosis when you
watch the TikTok and Instagram videos of him running through the house, lying on the king size bed, sleeping on the good rug in the dining room and chasing the French bulldogs that were just about his size. Although Peabody had to leave us his spirit lives. 
Thank you so much for visiting us! Come on in and look around, I hope you find something you like. 

A percentage of the proceeds of the profits from this site go to
elderly abuse
and miniature horse rescue.
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