Welcome to Faithful Minis.
 The home of Peabody, Petunia and friends.
We train mini horses for Therapy , Mobility, Service and Love!
Faithfulminis started with the purchase of one miniature horse over a decade ago. My goal was to visit the Alzheimer’s and veterans patients. The reactions to these tiny horses were so gratifying to both parties that people started asking me how they could acquire a miniature therapy horse so they too could go visit facilities.
A decade later and hundreds of caring buyers we are now #1 in the nation for training and have seen the faces of hundreds of wonderful patients that are so grateful to have had the chance to have been visited by a miniature Therapy Horse.
We have seen many miracles in our work and feel it has only just begun.
I acquired Peabody when he was three days old and with lots of love and care, he is thriving!
This little boy is a warrior and we invite you in to his world.
We have so much we need to do to help the minis and Peabody is leading the parade. 
He has become a world wide sensation in New Zealand ,Australia ,England ,India ,France ,Italy Brazil ,Canada ,Ireland ,England and the list goes on and on.
Yes there is something very special about this little fella.
I am convinced that he was saved from being put down as was suggested so
he could bring a smile to the face of many.
To date Peabody is the smallest horse in the world standing 16 1/2 inches tall. 
Peabody’s birthday is May 7, 2021
He was born with crippled legs , a badly aligned jaw , completely deaf and with dwarfism.
We were told the best thing to do would be to put him down as he is not likely to survive.
You would surely disagree with the prognosis when you
watch the TikTok and Instagram (Faithful Minis) videos of him running through the house,  lying on the king size bed, sleeping on the good rug in the dining room and chasing the French bulldogs that are just about his size, minus 15 lbs.
Come on in and look around, I hope you find something you like. 

A % of proceeds of the profits from this site go to elderly abuse and miniature horse rescue.
Please visit us on TikTok ,Instagram, and YouTube at Faithful Minis.
Training and sales: www.faithfulfriendsinSanDiego.com
Peabody Merchandise for sale at www.faithfulminis.com
On September 14th at 5pm Peabody passed away from liver failure. He was 4 months and 1week old.
We were devastated! The veterinarians told us there was nothing that we could of done. It was the nature of the beast. Dwarfs are unhealthy little creatures to begin with but in Peabody’s short little four-month life, he got his own show in Hollywood, he was on Kelly Clarkson, he was interviewed  in over 20 countries of the world. With over 350 million hits. We should all be so lucky to make that many people smile💕
R I P little Prince! 
The World Loved You